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The Bastards
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Many Stunts performed in the world of Battlefield 1942 using tanks, bombers, jeeps, you name it, it's there. Dedicated to a bunch of stunt professionals! Enjoy! Visit [FP]Clan at

GI Dance Party
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A bunch of head banging Nazi's rocking out to John Paul Jones. If there was one thing about WWII that the historians missed, it's the Nazi's love for former members of Led Zeppelin!

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This is how to spend an other boring summer afternoon. Go walk through the neighborhood picking up junk and playing ghetto ball with it. Oh and also, tire swings, kicking geese and grass boardin'!

Heil Allman Bros.
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Heres another wasted summer day. Spend the morning at the market buying 10 cent orange drinks, walk to the tracks and huck 'em at the lightrail. Then head downtown for an Allman Brothers concert!

Forgotten Silence
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I always made riot scenes using legos as a child. Now with the help of Lego Studios, my riots come to life! Enjoy sights such as shootings, suicides, shovels to the head, flamethrowers and moltov coctails!

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